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Ah, February, the month of L'amour. St Valentine, Cupid, the whole cast of crazy loverboys are out there pressuring us guys to be romantic. That's all well and good, if you're already married, but what if you're single--looking for that special someone? Who can forget the painful silence, the sweaty palms, the awkward first line that leads to the mating dance of the seersucker single? Well, just so no one feels alone in this situation, let me remind you that from the time of Adam onward, man has had to deal with the panic-induced pickup line. Therefore, the February 2000 Loverboy Edition of the Heavenly Top Ten is:


“Top Ten Pickup Lines
Used By Adam”


*I realize that the Bible says that Adam and Eve ate of the "fruit", not "apple", but gee guys, apple is funnier!

The Heavenly Top Ten is intended to be a fun look at issues of faith and fellowship. It should not be considered a serious treatment of
any of the topics presented.

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