Inside Out!Jerry Meyer


Oreo cookies

Do you eat them straight from the package..."as is"?

Do you separate the sides, eat the middle out and discard the cookies?

Do you take one side from two different cookies, place the creamy insides together and "double up"? Contrary to common thought, "Double Stuff" Oreos may look the same, but they don't taste the same as "do it yourself" doubles!

What do you do with the two cookie sides you had left over when you make your doubles? Do you dunk your Oreos in milk or eat 'em straight from the package?

It might seem silly to write a whole piece on Oreo cookies, but hear me out. One of the problems with which counselors deal very often is that of "instant gratification". We often observe this in both children and adults.

Many of us want the prize without running the race. We want the paycheck without satisfactorily completing the job. We want the rewards that come from a good marriage without behaving in a responsible, totally loyal and faithful way towards our spouse. We want children worth bragging about without learning and practicing the best principles of Godly parenting.

Can you relate your answers to the Oreo Quiz to the subject of "instant gratification"? Are you willing to wade thru the fairly tasteless "cookies" of life to get to the sweet middle? Do you deliberately put the toughest, most boring tasks at the top of your priority list and do them FIRST!?

Well, if procrastination is your weakness, if you want good results without paying the price, if you're always looking for a shortcut to success, take Jerry's Oreo Quiz, analyze the results and break out the Oreos! Just "don't fiddle with the middle"!

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